Sliding Door Window Treatments Ideas

Selecting a sliding door window treatments ideas can be difficult because you do not want to interfere with the usefulness of your door. Below I will look at five ideas of sliding glass door window treatments but first let look at two tips.

  • Hang curtains panels which will be closed and opened a few inches from the floor to avoid getting dirty.
  • Fix top treatment high enough to avoid brushing people heads when they are passing·

Sliding Door Window Treatments

Idea – Sheer panels

Sheer panels need very little effort when you are moving them and they filter light, thus maintaining the nice feature of your sliding door. With all the patterns and colors options available in the market, you won’t have any problem when looking for the perfect sheer which matches your home’s décor.

Ring clips

The worst thing you can do is to weigh down an airy look using a heavy metal or wood rod. You may consider a hanging system with subtle cable which supports your panels with simple ring clips.

Idea – Side mounted panels

Purely decorative treatment using side mounted panels look nice for sliders which are used often or which frame unbeatable vistas, so the view remains visible. Because these panels are unmovable, you can mount the rods to be out of reach, 12 inches above your door frame top, for a tricky design which adds height to a lower ceiling.

Work of art

Choose boldly colored as well as patterned fabric panels so that they can double as panels and art. A four inch contrasting cuff and a ruffled top edge changes the panel for formal spaces.

Idea – Simple but stunning valance

A simple valance gives your plain door a nice look without hampering its operation or blocking the views. This window treatment for sliding glass door packs a visible punch with a zigzag edge lined by solid blue.

Top treatment

For the valance to hold its shape, its fabric is mounted to a U shape wood frame which is fixed to the wall using L brackets fixed 18 inches above your door frame.