Sliding Patio Doors Options Glass or Aluminium

Sliding patio doors referred to specially designed doors, which contains two panels, one movable or sliding and other fixed, that Jointly forms a complete structure of a door. The sliding part serves for opening and closing the door to access from inside to outside and vice versa. These types of doors were initially introduced in the midst of 20th century in US and later gained popularity in remaining parts of the world because of its stylish design and space saving ability. These doors does not required extra space for the opening and closing rather it slides within the frame to make passage for accessing in and out. There are various types of sliding doors available now days that are categorized according to the types of material used in making them. Few of them are mentioned below.

The doors in which both sliding and fixed sections of the are made with glass panels are called as sliding glass patio doors. The glass panels are fixed in a metal or wooden frame to form a complete door unit. These types of door units are very common in Japan and neighboring Asian countries and extensively used in America and Europe as well, however, in western countries, they often found in places like hotels, offices, restaurants, clubhouses, swimming pools, courtyards, balconies and other public gathering places.

Another material often used for making patio doors is Aluminum because of its’ flexibility, strength and lightweight characteristics. These doors are similar to glass patio door however, the frame of these doors are made with aluminum rather than wood or any other materials. Due to the extensive use of aluminum these doors often called as aluminum sliding patio doors, these types of doors are found in almost everywhere in the world in places like malls, multiplexes, offices, shops, hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals, libraries and plenty of other places.

A sliding patio door plays an important role in everyday work but always remain unnoticed; however, that never affects its importance.