Resin Wicker Patio Furniture For All Weather

Resin wicker patio furniture is perhaps the most versatile type of furniture to use in many areas of the home especially for your outdoor backyard or front yard space. Of course, it is often seen on patios or terraces, but it is so user friendly that it can be used in many other areas of the home as well. It can be used to create many different effects, and goes well with almost any decorating style from shabby chic to a more sophisticated style.

Create the perfect colonial terrace

It does not matter if your terrace is open or glazed in, wicker resin patio furniture will look right at home. It can both soften and warm a room depending on your color choice. You may decide to go for a white set, or alternatively you can choose a bamboo or darker colored set.

Set amongst flowers and plants, your white resin patio furniture will become the focus of attention. It will blend in; yet at the same time stand out discreetly to show itself off. With the right type of soft furnishings such as throws and cushions, you can easily create a light summery atmosphere. A colonial terrace is very transitional, and old pieces will easily blend in with new additions, creating a homely environment.

Create the perfect bedroom

The new trend towards minimalist bedrooms offers the perfect excuse to use wicker resin patio furniture. The great thing about this furniture is that it can be dressed up, or dressed down. It can become a piece which stands out from the rest, and adding a wicker chair with a colorful cushion or two, will add life and warmth to the room.

Alternatively, covering a chair with a patch work spread will give it that “old world” feel, and remind us of days gone by. Adding a white wicker bedside table will give any bedroom a romantic feel.

Looking around the art world you will see wicker resin patio furniture appearing in more than one painting or water color. The Swedish artist Karl Larsson was famous for his use of wicker furniture in his water colors, and no French country garden scene is complete without the addition of wicker.

Let resin wicker patio furniture inspire you, and don’t be afraid to let into all areas of your home.